What Age?

Just how old or how big do you have to be to learn the Double Bass ?

Double Basses come in all sizes to suit the people who play them. Many people start on 1/8 size basses when they are in grades 3 or 4 at primary school. However, you are never too old to start learning the bass!

Why play Double Bass?

What Age?

It is a very versatile instrument used in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk and Classical styles. Therefore it is in demand. Double bass players get lots of opportunities because there are often not enough players to fill the demand. There is always a need for bass players in youth orchestras, big bands, jazz, folk and rock bands.

Who does it suit?

Just about anyone but it does help if you like low sounds and you enjoy being an individual.

Do you need to buy a new car to fit the double bass?

No, the double bass will fit in almost any car but it is easier with a hatch back or a station wagon. My full size double bass fits into a Daihatsu Charade along with me and a passenger.

How much do double basses cost? 

Purchasing and hiring musical instruments is expensive. Student double basses cost from $2000 to $5000 and can cost as much as $1200 a year to hire. Bass Works major focus is education and therefore it is committed to making bass ownership as affordable and cost effective as possible.

Double Bass Hire?

Bass Works hires out instruments only to students who have lessons at their Adelaide studios.
This is a special rate at much lower than commercial rates.