Etienne LaFrance

Etienne LaFrance is a double bass virtuoso, with an intimate understanding of the Rabbath technique, who lives in Montreal, Canada. For many years he was Co-Principal bassist with the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec. He is a dynamic teacher, able to clearly communicate technique, while inspiring students with his exceptional skill.

Etienne Lafrance in concert

Etienne has been a regular faculty member at our double bass workshops for many years. We have missed spending time with Etienne since covid-19 shut down international travel, and we’ve been working on a way to make Etienne’s teaching accessible to students in Australia.

We are excited to announce that Etienne is available to a limited number of students for virtual lessons. Students are able to sign up for a once off lesson with Etienne, or a term of lessons. This is available to all double bass students (not limited to BassWorks students).

The lessons are by video (not video call). Those who participate will film themselves playing (just with a phone or tablet), and send it to Etienne. Etienne will then respond with a video also, with feedback, and technique tips, and set work for the student to practice before they make their next video. This works extremely well as the video and audio quality is good and the time zone difference doesn’t matter.

If it has been awhile since you’ve had a double bass lesson, then this would be convenient and gentle way to return to lessons. If you’re regularly attending lessons then we encourage involving your teacher in the process. We have been doing this in the Bassworks studio. Peter has found it to be an excellent collaboration, with everyone is benefiting from being able to rewind, replay, and review the videos.

If you would like the opportunity to learn from Etienne please contact us for more information. Email

Fees are: CAD$70 per hour, payable by PayPal direct to Etienne. This hour includes the time Etienne spends watching the video from the student, taking notes and making videos in response.