Early in 2009 Brett Hirst asked us to make a 1/2 size bass with a 3/4 string length (105cm) and a removable scroll so the bass would fit in a half size case. Brett is a professional player who plays with Vince Jones, Katie Noonan and others, travels frequently and needed an instrument that felt and sounded like his 3/4 instrument and didn’t need any major assembly when arriving at a gig. All this instrument needs is the top of the scroll to be reattached with an allen key. The total weight of the bass in the 1/2 size case is approx 17kg making check in with the airlines much simpler. See the pic showing the difference between a full size case and half size. Much easier to manage!
Brett has been playing the bass for several months now and writes, “The half size travel bass is fantastic! I have used it touring and also around Sydney in an extremely busy last two months. The size and weight are perfect for the air travel. The sound is starting to open up and I am learning what it needs to be amplified well. To be honest I dont even notice I am playing a smaller bodied instrument, it feels just like a 3/4. Thanks so much for the great work!”