Our luthier, Ben McLachlan, has been experimenting with Australian wood for bow-making for a few years now, and he’s had good results with Jarrah and Cooktown Ironwood. He tried with several different sub-species of Jarrah and only the hardest has worked well.
The first few were made with a softer Jarrah, and came out too light. Next he tried with a harder, heavier piece and it made a really nice bow. It ended up weighing 135 grams with excellent balance. Peter has been playing with this bow for the last year and a half and he is very excited with how it sounds and compares to high end pernambuco bows.
He’s also made a few bows with Ironwood, and that has also worked well, though they end up a little heavier than the Jarrah bows. 

If you are interested in trying the different bows Ben has made you are welcome to make an appointment to view the range at our Belair studio. Please contact us on (08) 8278 2016, or email

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Jarrah and Cooktown Ironwood Bows
Building a Jarrah Double Bass Bow

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