Imagine ….. The concentration is intense with 60 musicians interpreting their parts, following the conductor, reading the notes, listening to each other and feeling the joy as a masterpiece of music comes to life. There is nothing quite so timeless, as being totally absorbed playing the bass line with 6 or 7 other double bass players in a Brahms or Shostakovich Symphony. Forty or 50 minutes disappear in a flash.

Peter plays in the Burnside Symphony Orchestra which performs 4 concerts each year. Adult students can have a weekly private lesson with Peter and also participate in a 2-hour rehearsal with the orchestra. The orchestra plays advanced repertoire so an advanced playing ability is required. AMEB Grade 6 or equivalent is recommended. If you are not at that standard yet, weekly private lessons will help you work towards this orchestral goal.

There are many benefits to playing in an orchestra. Much research has been done on this and a quick google will give the main benefits.

Here are some of my highlights:

1  Multitasking is one of the great advantages. The musician needs to count, read and interpret the music, play their instrument and listen to the orchestra and also watch the conductor with peripheral vision.
2  Concentration (intense) for up to 40  – 50 minutes.
3  The opportunity and joy to participate in some of the greatest musical works written.

$35 for a 30 minute individual lesson per week, charged over a 9 week term.

For further information please contact the studio on 8278 2016, or send an email through the contact page.