celloGard Model II – Foldable Stand with Storage Bag

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celloGard is designed to do one thing; prevent cellos from being accidentally knocked over when resting unattended on their sides. Compact, and easy to carry in your instrument’s case or bag, the celloGard folds out quickly to support your cello wherever it is needed.     


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It comes with a storage bag and red sleeves included.  Other sleeve colours are also available, for $9.25 a pair.

Compact and durable. Easy to setup and use. CelloGard instantly adjusts to fit all standard sized cellos – 4/4, 3/4 or 1/2.

It is constructed out of industrial grade nylon which is extremely flexible, durable and tough. This combination of flexibility and toughness is key to its ability to automatically adapt to a wide variety of cello sizes and shapes, to both resist and absorb the force of accidental blows, and yet avoid damage to the instrument. 

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