New Model McLachlan Double Bass

New model McLachlan Double Bass

For many years we have concentrated on making French style instruments with narrow shoulders that are very easy to play in a solo situation. After requests for a larger instrument we have now developed an instrument with increased dimensions which is still very comfortable to play, but with a sound that would satisfy players in an orchestral section or jazz bassists looking for a powerful bottom end. The shoulders are very accessible and the projection (height of the fingerboard at the neck joint) allows for very comfortable playing in the upper positions.

The neck is removable and the action adjusted with a turn of an allen key.

Back, side and neck are from aged flamed European maple and the top is aged fine-grained European spruce.

African ebony fingerboard, German machine heads and endpin.

Bassworks C extension with 2 stops.

Peter has been playing this bass in an orchestral section for 12 months and is very satisfied with the projection and playability. It can turn heads in the cello section and a comment from a bass section member was “I feel like I’m playing a toy when I’m next to that.”  Ben has started making another as Peter won’t part with this one.

Peter’s reply to customers who have have enquired about purchasing this bass is, “This is the instrument I have been searching for, for many years. Sorry but it’s not for sale!”

However if you would like to commission one or have a play of the prototype please let us know.