Lightweight Double Bass Flight Cases

Lightweight Double Bass Flight Cases are made by 3 different Chinese manufacturers.
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All cases are Styrofoam and Plywood construction with fabric covers. All have wheels, external straps, and internal bow holders. Weight varies from 18-23kg with the bass inside.

Glued Case

TG 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes. Support for bass is a neck strap and it has internal and external storage for sheet music and accessories. 2 bow holders are on the inside of the lid. Replacement wheels are available. Stitching on covers and handles is sometimes substandard on the 4/4 case with its additional weight.

DB threequarter (Medium)

DB 1/2 & 3/4 sizes. Support for bass is a neck strap and it has internal and external storage for sheet music and accessories. 2 bow holders are on the inside of the lid. In the event of damage this is the easiest case to repair – replacement covers and wheels are available.  Wheels are easy to change over when damaged or destroyed by airlines.


NEW!  DB 1/2 size & 3/4 size removable neck bass case. This is our latest case with a separate neck box which provides additional protection to the top of the bass. Smaller package to travel with and the neck joint (the most vulnerable point) is separated. We provide the tools and the training to refit a sound post if it does fall in transit or we can fix the sound post so it will not fall.

BX Flight Case Thumb

BX 3/4 size – Support for the bass is a neck strap and also belly strap.  Very streamlined case with a neoprene type exterior. Good to travel with and offers the best protection of the full length cases. Wheels are difficult to change when broken.

General Comments: I have used the DB 3/4 case for the past 17 years and also the BX for the last 5 years. Recently I have begun using the detachable neck case which is my travel case of choice.  All three case types have performed well over this time. We repair the occasional bass in a lightweight case that the airlines have damaged , but it is not common.

To help prevent damage It is very important that the scroll of the bass is not in contact with the case. The best way to do this is raise the back at the shoulders with bubble wrap or foam if necessary.
The cases close with zippers which is easy for inspections at airports however the zippers need to unzipped fully before lifting the lid. The stitching around the zip may tear if forced when partly open. A tag on the zipper with instructions may prevent damage at the airport.
Bows : While there are bow holders in the cases I wouldn’t recommend them as there is chance of the bow coming out of the fixings and landing on the top of the bass. A bow sock under the fingerboard is a good idea or a separate bow case as part of carry-on luggage. (Clip it to your bag so you don’t leave it in the overhead locker on the aircraft.)
Balloons or bubble wrap offer a good solution to filling the gaps between the bass and case. Don’t make the case heavier by adding clothing as a filler.
We recommend marking the outside of the case with useful instructions, eg FRAGILE  (use a permanent Texta in white)
Don’t leave the case standing – store it on its side or back in airports or anywhere.
Don’t leave in the sun for prolonged periods. They are like a large esky however the exterior is black and eventually the heat gets in.

Insure your bass and don’t travel with an instrument that is irreplaceable.