DIY Double Bass Care

DIY Double Bass Care – Avoid String and Bridge Damage

Lubricating your strings with some graphite will help you get rich and play better???

Get rich? Well not exactly but it will save you destroying strings and warping your bridge which are expensive purchases.

Everyone has seen bridges that are bent and strings that are unwinding where they pass over the bridge. These things can be avoided easily by loosening each string one at a time and with a HB pencil blacken the slot where the string runs through the bridge and at the end of the finger board, the nut. Make sure the string passes through the slot easily before retuning. If the string catches or is tight then the slot will need filing. Never take all the strings off at once as this can cause the sound post to fall over.

Every day the strings exert pressure on the bridge pulling it one way or another. Sometimes it is you tuning the bass and other times it is the weather causing the bass to expand and contract. This generally pulls the bridge forward towards the player and if the tension is not released it will warp the bridge. Once the strings are lubricated you will be able to push gently but firmly on the top of the bridge and release the tension. (Ask someone who knows if you are unsure how to do this)This will help your bass vibrate easier and save you money. However if your bridge is already bent it’s too late. Go and see your local luthier.