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The first component, the popular Bass Max, is mounted in the bridge wing. Two transducers are combined using a sandwich technique, in order to maximize and enhance vibrations captured from the entire bridge. Due to its specialized construction, only one unit is necessary to provide an even signal from all four (or five) of the double bass’ strings. Its strong midrange power is ideal for cutting through the mix in loud rockabilly situations, or providing a warm and supportive line for country bluegrass.

The specially modified single transducer is ideal for capturing fingerboard sounds. Its unique size and shape allows precision placement and the equalization from the preamplifier lets the player blend in just the right amount of slap, growl, and other fingerboard sounds to reach their audience. This allows the player to achieve the exact sound coloration and effect they desire.

The Dual Channel Mixer has internal gain, bass, treble trim pots for each pickup, allowing impressive +/- 20dB tonal adjustments. External volume controls let you balance the volumes of the bridge and fingerboard transducers on the fly. A convenient belt clip is included with this compact preamplifier, which weighs a mere ten ounces with the battery installed. A six foot, high quality three conductor (1/4 inch stereo) cable is included to complete the package. The Bass Master RB Plus includes an extra output in the preamp.


Technical Information:
Wing: 22 mm diameter, 4 mm thick
Fingerboard: 12.5 x 10mm, 0.7 mm thick
Preamp: 3″ x 3.5″ x 1″ Input
Impedance: 1 MegOhm (each channel)
Output Impedance: 10K Ohms
Input: Stereo 1/4″ | Output: Mono 1/4 ”
Cable: 6 foot, 1/4″ stereo plugs
Power: 9 volt battery (not included)


What people are saying about this product…

Lance (The Hillibilly Hellcats) – “I am a believer! After several more gigs with the K&K Rockabilly pickup I am convinced that it is the best one on the market today for accommodating the Rockabilly slap bass player. I have tried the Underwood, Fishman, David Gage, AKG C149, and the Schaller pickup, and the K&K is by far the best for the Rockabilly player… Another thing I think you should emphasize… is that this pickup can be used at much higher volumes, (before feedback) than most of the competition. This is the most common complaint I hear from Rockabilly bass players – Is that their sound is good at home, but once they get going with the drums, they have to turn up and then the sound turns to mud. I have not had that problem with the K&K.”

Shawn Burrell (Founder of RockabillyBass.com) – “I love the Rockabilly pickup! … The pickup is plenty loud, and sounds great! I’ve played it in several clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it’s been fantastic.” “I have tried other pickups and none of them worked well at all. They would feedback and didn’t have the sound that I was looking for. I received the K&K rockabilly bass pickup with preamp about two years ago and use it almost daily. It is durable, sounds great and is fairly priced.”

Tex Waggoner (Bass player for Blue Combo) – “I got the the K&K Rockabilly Slap Special Wednesday and used it for the first time Thursday night. It was great! It really sounded like MY bass. The band complimented me all night about my new bass sound…I will be recommending the K&K pickups to my URB buddies!”

Sean Thomas McBride – “I just played out with the rockabilly setup and it is absolutely the only pickup (that I’ve had on *any* instrument) that I’ve ever actually been happy with!!! I’m not even really slapping, but it picks up little fingerboard nuances which make a huge difference in the sound, it’s so much more real. The wing sound, so rich…mmmmmmmm.”

Dirk Wunderlich – “Last weekend I played my first gig with the new pickup: WOW! It is so great. I could play so loud with an incredible sound. It’s perfect. I will recommend this pickup to all Slappers I know.”

“Wow! My rig has never sounded so good! I should have bought one of these a long time ago!”

“I couldn’t believe my ears! What I heard through the amp was what my bass sounded like unamplified.”

“Thanks for opening new levels of bass for me!”

“The Rockabilly System is so easy to set up and it sounds wonderful and musical, even without any EQ!”

“A very smooth and full acoustical sound!”

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