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The Bass Max has these impressive features:

  • Mechanical stability and sturdiness
  • High output signal
  • Balanced transmission over the whole tone range with just one Bass Max
  • Rich harmony in reproduction of both arco and pizzicato
  • Mantled cable eliminates disturbance

Technical Information:
Diameter: 22 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Output impedance: high ohmic
Output: 1/4″
Connection cable length: 6″

“I was in the market to buy a pickup for my 5/8ths size upright bass. It had to be durable as I am very hard on my equipment. The K&K Bass Max is the fifth pick-up I’ve used and it is now by far my favourite. I play with The Club Django Sextet of Toronto and handle all the MC work for the band….I don’t want to be concerned about my bass clipping or pocking. The Bass Max is worry-free.”
Abbey Sholzberg (Toronto, Canada)

“I have been extremely happy with my Bass sound after the addition of your Bass Max pickup. My Bass is getting a very full, natural sound, but also very articulate and punchy. I have gone through a small financial fortune and and many years looking for something that could deliver like the K&K Bass Max, and now the search is over!!!”
Tom Kennedy (January 2004 Artist of the Month)

“I just got a K&K Bass Max and love it. I couldn’t believe the sound – I had tried the Fishman and Barcus-Berry, and thought the K&K would only be an improvement, but it was a transformation! The sound out of the amp sounds like my bass. I play as much arco as pizz, and the smooth sound is wonderful.”
John Nystedt

“Wow! What a great sound. I heard comments like, “Nice,” “Clean,” “Solid,” “Warm.” Thank you for a great product at a really good price.”
Lynn Eberhardt

“Just wanted to say thanks for supplying me with such a fantastic pickup, the Bass Max. It was worth it just for the improvement in sound when I play ‘unplugged’. I couldn’t believe how much my Fishmans had been muting my sound, it was nuts. I had to learn how to tune again, hearing harmonics I had been missing for a few years!”
Mike Liston

“Suffice to say that in a wide range of applications the Bass Max has performed superbly. Whether I’m going for balls-out thumping bottom end or authentic wooden slap tone or something more delicately acoustic I’ve found the tone I need with a minimum of knob twistery. I’ve been able to run the Ampeg IV Pro with all the tone controls flat. Consider me most satisfied…”
Joe Kyle, Jr.


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