Francois Rabbath – Nouvelle Technique La Contrebasse Volume 4

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Francois Rabbath – Nouvelle Technique de la Contrebasse (New Technique for the Double Bass), Volume 4, w/DVD. A tremendous contribution and body of work encompassing both the technique and the literature for the double bass, including numerous never-before-published works for solo double bass, such as ‘La Guerre et la Paix’ (‘War and Peace’) and ‘L’infini Martine’, as well as revised and expanded versions of Mr. Rabbath’s most well-known compositions, such as ‘Iberique Peninsulaire’, ‘Poucha-Dass’, and ‘Breiz’, in addition to many other pieces. The first sections largely consist of etudes on material which builds on the first three volumes’ studies in pivots, velocity, and crab technique reflecting the latest developments in modern bass technique. The first experience of paging through the book is both exhiliarating and overwhelming, as there are countless hours ahead of great musical enjoyment and meaning, and also a stark visual of the degree of mastery that is now part of our lexicon.

The accompanying DVD is excepts from ‘The Art of the Bow’.

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