Double Bass Care

Playing the bass is a lot of fun and it won’t be long before friends and teachers will be asking you to play in an orchestra or band.

As you know it is a largish instrument and it needs some special care to keep it in good working order. Here are a few tips:

1. Protect it from heat—never leave it in a car except when driving and in summer cover it with a blanket to stop the sun shining directly on the case. Also don’t leave it in front of windows at home with the sun shining on it.

2.    The case should always have a shoulder strap and handles to help you carry it safely. Put the shoulder strap on your right shoulder and reach with your right arm around the bass. You will find a grab handle there. Also there is another handle for your left hand. The bass should hang on your right side so your feet are clear and you can see where you are going with you holding on to both grab handles. When you lift the bass bend your knees and be careful going through doorways and on steps!

3. Always put the bow somewhere safe when you’re not using it and when you have finished your practice always unwind the bow.

4. Metal objects such as belt buckles, zippers and some jewellery can scratch the  bass so check before you play that you’re not wearing anything sharp that could scratch the varnish.

5. Your friends will be excited when they see you and your bass and will probably want to have a go –  so help them to hold it properly and safely while they try.

6.   Store the bass safely. The best way to store your bass at home is on a stand like this one. If you don’t have a stand, then the best place is standing up in a corner with the bridge facing in. If this is not possible put it on its side with the bridge facing a wall.

Never leave it standing up leaning against a flat wall or in the middle of a room where someone may trip on it.

7. Sweat and grease may build up on your bass and bow over time. This can be wiped off with a soft cloth. Please don’t use cleaning sprays or scrub with anything abrasive.

Have fun and play the bass lots!