StringVision Bow Grip – for Violin, Viola and Cello

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The Stringvision Bow Grip for violin, viola and cello is a teaching aid that provides more comfort and support for the bowing hand.

The bow grip’s thumb indent allows curved and comfortable thumb placement, whilst the rubber allows for a better grip. Because of this, less tension can be applied when holding the bow.

It is commonly used by beginners who are struggling to achieve a good bow hold due to discomfort, however it is also often used as anti-fatigue solution for players who suffer from a sore bowing hand due to long practice sessions or rehearsals.

Additionally, this product will protect any bow from wear, and since the bottom corner of the frog is covered by the grip, this will also help to avoid minor nicks to the bouts of the instrument.

One model stretches over violin, viola, or cello bows of all sizes without removing the frog. The height of bow frogs is very consistent, (even on incremental size bows) so one size really does fit all bows.


  • Soft, flexible rubber covering that provides comfort and support for the bow hand.
  • Will fit any size bow of any violin, viola or cello.
  • Has been proven useful for some more advanced players who suffer hand fatigue in long rehearsals.
  • Great for Suzuki violin, viola and cello students, traditional private lesson students, school orchestra programs, and self-learners who simply want more comfort in their bowing hand.

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