McLachlan, Ben-Adelaide, SA 2015 1/2 Travel Double Bass

$19,500.00 inc GST

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A 1/2 sized double bass with a 104cm string length (3/4 bass string length) optimised for travel. It will either fit in a 1/2 size lightweight case or there is a detachable neck option and case. This idea started with a request from jazz bass player, Brett Hirst. We made him a bass and have continued to experiment with the idea. The current version pictured here is Peter’s favourite bass for gigs and travel.

The double bass has solid flamed maple back and sides and a solid close grained spruce top, ebony fingerboard, raised saddle, Glasser carbon endpin, marvin tailpiece, and a removable scroll.

The body and neck are supplied by the Christopher workshop.

Available by commission.


4/5 string option (which is changed in a few minutes) add $400

Removable neck option add $600

Removable neck double bass case $600 (package price)

Upper Bout Width        475

Lower Bout Width        598

Width at C Bout          350

String Length              1040

Length of Back            1010

Rib Depth                   184