Evah Pirazzi Weich

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The tremendous success of our Obligato strings for double bass has encouraged us to further develop double bass strings with a synthetic core.

The result is our new double bass string set Evah Pirazzi “BASS“. This set is a hybrid set, suitable for both Arco and Pizzicato playing. Evah Pirazzi strings offer outstanding tuning stability, a very short playing-in-time and an astonishing resistance to rolling. Similar to the Obligato bass strings, Evah Pirazzi ’BASS’ Strings are resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. All strings are wound with chrome steel and smoothly polished.

The big, powerful, warm and round sound of the strings is combined with an accentuated low frequency spectrum and an exceptional resonance with a good sustain. The response is quick allowing for easy left and right hand articulation. Due to the phenomenal projection of the Evah Pirazzi bass strings the beautiful richness of the range of colors and nuances can be heard even in big concert halls. The development of these bass strings was aimed at producing a sound that is as close to gut strings as possible.

Evah Pirazzi ’BASS’ is an ideal string for musicians playing both Arco and Pizzicato. First and foremost the bow response is excellent and when playing pizzicato the long sustain fully and freely evolves.

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