Ed Friedland – Building Walking Bass Lines

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“Ed Friedland really helped me expand my style during the pre-production of PUMP. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants their walkin’ to get them further down the road.” – Tom Hamildton (Aerosmith)

“This book fills a void in essential educational material for contemporary bass, somehow previously left vacant…Thanks Ed, for this book! It’s not only indispensible, it’s also going to save me a lot of trouble in the future when it comes time to help someone to walking bass lines.” – Tim Landers

“This book gives the beginning student the basic knowledge he or she needs to get started on the use of the walking bass line and it’s application to the music. I welcome this addition to my library of teaching materials.” – Harvie Swartz

“Ed Friedland’s book, Building Walking Bass Lines, is a well-organized instructional book that almost certainly will guarantee success to those who take it seriously and accept the responsibility it asks of the individual bassist.” –  David Friesen

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