Double Basses

Besides making professional instruments we supply fractional basses for children, and instruments for bass players of all ages and styles. We are happy to spend time sharing our expertise to find the best available instrument that suits your body size and budget. Generally, multiple basses are available to suit your budget and you will be able to choose the instrument that you enjoy the sound of and best suits you and your prefered style of music.
The price of each of the basses listed includes a full setup by Peter or Ben McLachlan. Their expertise in the workshop and playing experience result in basses which are set-up to the highest standards, and tailored to the specific preferences and needs of each individual. The most common comment we receive from customers is “this bass is so easy to play!”

We prefer to spend time with one customer at a time so we can give you our full attention. Visiting times are by appointment only. To make an appointment please call 08 8278 2016 or fill in the contact form.

NEW  There currently 6 models of removable neck double basses and a new flight case.

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