Bassworks Australia

Inspiring Double Bass Players in Australia since 1990

BassWorks has been promoting concerts and organising double bass workshops in Australia since 1990. Gary Karr, Nicholas Walker, François Rabbath, Etienne Lafrance and George Vance are some of the international bass players who have participated in BassWorks events. Click on Events above to see pictures and information.

BassWorks is a small family business located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

We stock and sell a large range of Double Basses (over 100 basses of all sizes in stock),
Cellos 1/4 to 4/4 and also Double Bass and Cello accessories.

The services we offer include:

  • Double bass making, restoration and repairs
  • Bow making, repairs and rehairing
  • Hire
  • Double bass tuition
  • General string repairs for double bass, cello, viola & violin

Instruments for both children and adults are prepared in our workshop by craftsmen, who are also string players and enthusiasts, and understand how an instrument should be set up for comfort and easy playability.
The profits from sales contribute towards promoting events for the training of young string players.