Laborie Q 2005 Preloved 3/4 Double Bass – Germany

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Second hand Laborie Q. There are a few scratches and marks on the varnish, however it is in very good condition and sounds wonderful.

The Laborie Q model double bass came about as a collaboration between Christian Laborie, George Vance and Peter McLachlan. It was designed with the dimensions and tonal characteristics that would allow students to develop as soloists but also provide an instrument that would be useful for orchestra and other styles of playing.

The Q Bass is German, made from fine European tone woods, with ebony fittings and high-quality Rubner French machine heads. The fingerboard is carved precisely to allow easy access to the instrument in all positions and is ideal for learning the Rabbath Technique. It comes with a Laborie Belgium bridge and the Laborie tailpiece which are important for sound production. The bass is assembled by Bass Works in Australia and finished with a traditional oil varnish that is usually reserved for much more expensive instruments. It has a 104cm stop (41 inches).