BX Double Bass 3/4 Flight Case

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The BX is a Light-Weight Bass Flight Case, weighing approximately 22 kilograms with the bass inside. It is made with compression-moulded styrofoam inside a rubberized fabric outer shell. This makes it slightly heavier than the other cases we stock, but also stronger and more resistant to impact. It has wheels, an accessory pocket and internal storage for two bows. The latest model has 3 extra handles for lifting which makes manoeuvring the case easier. The lock has been removed and users can use a small padlock instead.
The weight of the case alone is 12 kg and fits most 3/4 size basses without a bag.

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Internal measurements are,

Upper bout 535 mm,

Lower bout 670 mm,                                                                                                                              

Length (not including endpin slot) 1910 mm,

Depth at bridge point  450 mm.